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音樂火鍋 <新湯料> Music Hotpot <New Ingredients> 9.12.22

Music Hotpot <New Ingredients>

Irregular listing of new release songs from various musicians.

No opinions or judgments, simply listen and be your own judge.

Follow/like their Facebook/IG/YouTube page and PM us If you have new release songs!

每次不定期介紹唔同嘅新歌, 但不作評論! 好唔好聽, 你哋自己聽吓作判斷, 純粹比多一個機會唔同嘅音樂人分享吓佢哋嘅音樂. 鍾意嘅話就 follow/like 吓佢哋嘅 Facebook/IG/YouTube啦!

如果你哋有新歌就快d PM比我哋啦!


December 9, 2022

1. Anna hisbbuR - 借夢

2. SHERRY LAI - Edge Of Green (ft. H.Jen)

3. Tofu Kingdom - Revisit

4. XTIE - Skin

5. SENZA A Cappella - 群魔亂舞


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Anna hisbbuR - 借夢

Composed by Anna hisbbuR

Lyrics by Anna hisbbuR and Novel Friday

Arranged and Produced by Anna hisbbuR



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SHERRY LAI - Edge Of Green (ft. H.Jen)

Edge Of Green is a song about living in the excesses of a modern city, where people dance and weave through their daily lives, trying to ascertain their place and sense of self in a claustrophobic space. With ethereal vocals and an ever-thumping and oppressive beat, Edge Of Green offers an introspective take on city life where a sense of self is diminished and the temptation to compare, rife. Inspired by the nostalgia of Japanese City Pop, Ambient House Music, and Dance. A la Mondo Grosso.


Songwriters: SHERRY LAI @sherry.lai , H.Jen

Producer: H.Jen

Album art photographer: Koko @iawezs

Album art makeup and hair styling: Ting Ting @ting.creation



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Tofu Kingdom - Revisit

Struggling why you keep revisiting bittersweet memories? Kingdom got you! Listen to this wonderful song to find out why! (Soft reminder: Please keep revisiting our wonderful EP as well!)


Music & Lyrics: Tofu Kingdom

Producer: Alok Leung



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XTIE - Skin


I have been suffered from eczema since young, the song explores my ups and downs and how I deal with body image issues along the journey.


是次新歌亦將會做一個慈善義賣,捐到專為研究過敏、皮膚問題、或提倡身體自愛的非牟利機構。更多資訊將會在XTIE 的社交平台上公佈。

Fundraising initiatives with related charities will be engaged alongside the release. Will be announced on my socials.


作曲 Composer: XTIE

作詞 Lyricist: XTIE

編曲 Producer: XTIE, Daniel Toh



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SENZA A Cappella - 群魔亂舞





曲:Peace Lo


編:Peace Lo




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