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音樂火鍋 <新湯料> Music Hotpot <New Ingredients> 14.10.22

Music Hotpot <New Ingredients>

Irregular listing of new release songs from various musicians.

No opinions or judgments, simply listen and be your own judge.

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每次不定期介紹唔同嘅新歌, 但不作評論! 好唔好聽, 你哋自己聽吓作判斷, 純粹比多一個機會唔同嘅音樂人分享吓佢哋嘅音樂. 鍾意嘅話就 follow/like 吓佢哋嘅 Facebook/IG/YouTube啦!

如果你哋有新歌就快d PM比我哋啦!


October 14, 2022

1. 浠彤Heitung - 唔該一支梳打水

2. 林鉫徫 Jay - It's OK To Not Be OK

3. Lisa Hui 許靜雯 - 深呼吸 Live Again

4. 曹朗 Ron Tso - 別緒

5. StirFry - 愛的一課


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浠彤Heitung - 唔該一支梳打水

人生需要有多一點刺激感、緊張感, 能激活那沉睡的靈魂,排出身心裏的悶熱, 好讓自己感覺活著。

人生或許就是需要「不為什麼」的推動力, 好讓人事物、你我他,激烈地擦出一些火花、 自由地彈出一些幻想和遐想。





編曲:Key Ng / Anson Chan / Y.Siu

監製:甯浩基 / 麥鏇璧 / 何家銘



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林鉫徫 Jay - It's OK To Not Be OK




曲:Delta T / 林鉫徫


編:Delta T

監:Delta T / 林鉫徫



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Lisa Hui 許靜雯 - 深呼吸 Live Again

Lisa's Creative Mind and Soul :

the hearts of people in modern society are mixed so we can't tell the true faces of bad people. How many faces do you encounter in your life before you can see a person's true side or feelings? Obviously, there seems to be a good relationship between lovers, but there is an amazing secret of betrayal behind it. Apparently, people seem to be a very good friend but finally it turns out that they were not a true intimate friend at that time. Is there only a "utilization" relationship left in the world? If you are confused is okay to abandon the old and welcome the new? Is it so difficult to be a kind person? Or should we see clearly that this is actually so-called personal nature? After taking a deep breath, after living again, will the one you believe in "turn over a new leaf"?

This deep breath, Hip Hop Rap, is Lisa's first whole Rap song. It requires a singing skill and music style with rhythm and rhyme. Rap expresses the disappointment of social humanity, focusing on content, flow and delivery. The dense lyrics speak that she has seen through the sinister intentions of some people in the world. As the saying goes, the leopard cannot change its spots... Lisa also hopes to write to those seemingly "good people"... hoping that they can abandon their selfish and sinister mask, wash their minds out and make a fresh start.

Ok, stop and take a deep breath. I hope they will turn over a new leaf and live again. To make this world more peaceful and beautiful.


Music Producer | Lisa Hui

Lyricist | Lisa Hui

Composer | Lisa Hui

Music arranger | Lisa Hui



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2022年初, 好友病逝, 遺下太太與兩名年幼子女。

當人成長到某個階段, 就會遇到越來越多的生離死別。 內心時常疑問: 為甚麼他這麼年輕就要死去? 為甚麼有這樣的病? 為甚麼好人要受這麼多折磨? 這樣...公平嗎?

看到他與病魔對抗掙扎時, 仍盡量在視像通話中保持精神和微笑... 看到他在最後的時光中, 盡力記錄下對家人及朋友的最後囑咐... 看到他望著尚在襁褓中的一對子女, 流露出不捨的神情... 直到有一天... 看到他安息禮拜中的相片...

無力感的確很重, 身邊亦有朋友久久未能釋懷... 雖然知道人生聚散無常, 雖然期待著天家再聚, 但每當想起過去一起的點滴時, 總會不勝唏噓... "斯人已去, 音容宛在"

珍惜眼前人, 珍惜相交的每一刻。 因為你永遠不會知道, 每一次的相聚是否就是最後一次, 以後還有沒有機會再見...

謹以這首歌, 獻給所有失去了好友、至愛、摯親的人, 希望能為大家在最傷痛的時刻,帶來一點點安慰... 以及在夜深人靜時, 抒發埋藏在心底的離愁, 和別緒...






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StirFry - 愛的一課





Mixing/Mastering : 偉@StirFry



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