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May 26 星期二 10pm Music Hotpot Live


歡迎 瑠璃-Ruri- 加入音樂火鍋 Music Hotpot 嘅大家庭, 同埋上音樂火鍋 Music Hotpot Live! 唱吓歌傾吓計, 講吓點解佢會咁鍾意唱日文歌 ♨️


May 26 (Tuesday), why don't we switch it up a little bit for some Japanese songs? 🤩 .

Welcome 瑠璃-Ruri- to Music Hotpot Live! We will find out more about her and what triggers her interest in Japanese songs ♨️

音樂火鍋 Music Hotpot Live! wtih 瑠璃-Ruri-