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話梅鹿黑膠推出預告 🇫🇷 終於公佈了!在法國廠牌 Specific Recording 的邀請下,我們將合作推出樂隊的首張黑膠唱片。


Specific Recording: Considering Hong-Kong's actual political context, we are more than proud and happy to collaborate with post-rock stalwarts PRUNE DEER for the release of their latest EP. The four musicians brilliantly prove that this genre of music can still be exciting in 2019, mixing your usual post-rock influences with a healthy dose of math-rock (the Japanese way) but also ambient atmospheres and bits & pieces of field recordings, turning the 7 tracks composing Insufficient Postage into a one-of-a-kind audio experience. 180g white one-sided vinyl.


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Insufficient Postage 話梅鹿黑膠