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音樂火鍋 <新湯料> Music Hotpot <New Ingredients> 27.11.23

Music Hotpot <New Ingredients>

Irregular listing of new release songs from various musicians.

No opinions or judgments, simply listen and be your own judge.

Follow/like their Facebook/IG/YouTube page and PM us If you have new release songs!

每次不定期介紹唔同嘅新歌, 但不作評論! 好唔好聽, 你哋自己聽吓作判斷, 純粹比多一個機會唔同嘅音樂人分享吓佢哋嘅音樂. 鍾意嘅話就 follow/like 吓佢哋嘅 Facebook/IG/YouTube啦!

如果你哋有新歌就快d PM比我哋啦!


Nov 27, 2023

2. Hinry Lau 劉卓軒 - His-Story (開章)

3. I.Con Twins - The Hero Inside

4. 鄧巧兒 Bonnie Tang - 隱藏雨

5. 張牧喬mukio - Can You Hear My Voice


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你有試過喜歡一個人、一件物件、一隻動物, 喜歡到抽離不了,沉溺到要將他煎皮拆骨,據為己有嗎? 那種喜歡到抽離不了,成為晚餐,合二為一。 相親相愛,直到永永遠遠。


Composer: Chung Sukie

Lyricist: Riddick Douglas Ning

Rap Lyricist: Scriptvre

Arrangement: To Lee

Producer: To Lee



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Hinry Lau 劉卓軒 - His-Story (開章)

Composer: Hinry

Lyricist: Hinry

Arranger: Hinry

Producer: Hinry



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I.Con Twins - The Hero Inside

After releasing their debut single, “Setting Fires” and receiving multiple awards and international recognitions, I.Con Twins are writing and recording new music.

“The Hero Inside” is the first single they’re releasing from their upcoming debut Neo-Chinese Conscious Pop mini album. As Chinese-Canadians, they aim to bridge the Eastern and Western cultures by connecting Chinese orchestral elements and contemporary Pop in their new music. They hope to empower listeners to confidently embrace their cultures and their authentic selves.

In their transformational journey from banking to music, they’ve experienced many silent battles they don’t always talk about.

I.Con Twins wrote “The Hero Inside” during a time when they felt lost, trapped and alone. “We felt so helpless we were crying for help inside,” they said, “We wished someone could hear us, see us and help us. That’s why we wrote “The Hero Inside,” to remind ourselves that we all have an inner hero to fight our battles. We hold the reins in our journey.” They hope “The Hero Inside” gives their listeners strength and confidence to keep going, keep believing and keep fighting for themselves.


Music and Lyrics by: Calvina Poon & Carmina Poon

Produced & Mixed by: Spencer Cheyne

Mastered by: Brock McFarlane, CPS Mastering

Recorded at: OCL Studios



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「習慣隱藏自己的情緒,剝奪了我們對生活的感動, 連同那些被壓抑的憂鬱與憤怒一起埋藏了起來」 把沒法說出的話語,寄託在雨裏,讓它替你隨意吶喊、釋放。




編曲:Key Ng

監製:Key Ng



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張牧喬mukio - Can You Hear My Voice

Composer | mukio

Lyricist | mukio

Producer | mukio

Arrangement | mukio

Arrangement Coordinator | Peter Wang

Mixing Engineer | Austin Moorhead

Mastering Engineer | Austin Moorhead



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