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音樂火鍋 <新湯料> Music Hotpot <New Ingredients> 25.10.23

Music Hotpot <New Ingredients>

Irregular listing of new release songs from various musicians.

No opinions or judgments, simply listen and be your own judge.

Follow/like their Facebook/IG/YouTube page and PM us If you have new release songs!

每次不定期介紹唔同嘅新歌, 但不作評論! 好唔好聽, 你哋自己聽吓作判斷, 純粹比多一個機會唔同嘅音樂人分享吓佢哋嘅音樂. 鍾意嘅話就 follow/like 吓佢哋嘅 Facebook/IG/YouTube啦!

如果你哋有新歌就快d PM比我哋啦!


Oct 25, 2023

1. MAIA 慶孫 - Movin'

2. Hinry Lau 劉卓軒 - Prevail

3. Byebye Miku - 逆光

4. SENZA A Cappella - 百鬼夜行

5. JESS - 自我保護機制


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MAIA 慶孫 - Movin'

Taking it back to where it all started 👶🏻🎤 在追夢過程中會遇上不少挫敗。找不到路,就要創造一條路,用更強大的自己守護自己的夢想。"It’s just me waitin’ on the physical world to catch up with my thoughts..."


曲:MAIA 慶孫

詞:MAIA 慶孫

編:Troy Jahara

監:MAIA 慶孫

Mix : Troy Jahara Master : Albi Lange



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This marks Hinry's inaugural venture into Christian music and his very first English song. After relocating from Hong Kong to Manchester, UK, he experienced a profound spiritual awakening in April 2023, which led to a revelation regarding his music career. Hinry was divinely called by the Holy Spirit to embark on the creation of a Gospel Album. Having spent 13 years singing in Cantonese and Pop genres, transitioning to an English Gospel album meant that he needed to relinquish his existing fan base and essentially start from scratch. Given that English is his third language, he faced significant challenges in both crafting lyrics and articulating them, but he remained steadfast in his conviction that the Christian music he was creating was an act of obedience to God.

Previously, he had been in control of every aspect of his life, but the song "Prevail" signifies his willingness to let Jesus take the wheel and guide his path, as he learns to rely on Jesus' divine plan.


Composer: Hinry

Lyricist: Hinry

Arranger: Hinry

Producer: Hinry



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Byebye Miku - 逆光

「 年月是花 歲月卻未盡是華

有些夢 追著追著 便會放下




Compose | @yiu_cho Lyrics | @yiu_cho Arrangement | @byebye.miku Backing Vocal | @yatchung_ @kuroipanda0.0 Additional Programming | @yatchung_ @kuroipanda0.0



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SENZA A Cappella - 百鬼夜行

人性本善?性本惡?人性本質為何? 是先天決定你?還是後天活出自我? 身於群魔亂舞之世,該隨百鬼之流,還是謹守普世價值? 「要怎做由你定」。 ==============================================

SENZA今次打破一般無伴奏合唱歌曲製作模式,利用Loop Station即時錄音及播放方法建構節奏及低音聲部。此模式於外國A Cappella / Beatbox 音樂比較常見,而用於本地A Cappella原創歌派台則是首次。


曲:Peace Lo


編:Peace Lo

監:SENZA A Cappella



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JESS - 自我保護機制

人類的大腦在經歷重大創傷後,有一種名為自我保護的機制啟動 - 是自欺欺人,更是自我拯救。


作曲 : Howie@Dear Jane

填詞 : 林若寧

編曲 : Howie@Dear Jane

監製 : 關禮琛



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