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音樂火鍋 <新湯料> Music Hotpot <New Ingredients> 18.10.21

音樂火鍋 <新湯料>

每次不定期介紹唔同嘅新歌, 但不作評論!

好唔好聽, 你哋自己聽吓作判斷, 純粹比多一個機會唔同嘅音樂人分享吓佢哋嘅音樂.

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Music Hotpot <New Ingredients>

Irregular listing of new release songs from various musicians.

No opinions or judgments, simply listen and be your own judge.

Follow/like their Facebook/IG/YouTube page as you please, and remember to download our APP too!

PM us If you have new release songs!


Oct 18, 2021

1. am8 ft. 大比良瑞希 + KIKI TAM - Scala

3. Teresa 曾詠熙 X YAGA Animation - Nightingale

4. 張蔓姿 Gigi - LOVELOST

5. Manson 張進翹 - One More Game


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creative direction, music programming, MV direction : am8

[tokyo side]

vocal : 大比良瑞希

lyric : カワムラユキ

[hong kong side]

rap vocal & rap lyric : KIKI TAM

creative producer : チューヤン

am8 is… A creative unit from TOKYO by Teshima Ryo and Tomita Yasuyuki



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#六十秒零一 可將世間變幻

人生就像一班只會向前行的列車,匆匆的經過每一個月台,沿途總會遇到一個不能忘記的她/他。 如果在整個人生中,每分鐘多零一秒,你會選擇和那個她/他說些什麼?



作曲:Mr. Rocket Head

作詞:Mr. Rocket Head

編曲 : Mr. Rocket Head / Lawrence Tsui

監製 : Lawrence Tsui



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“Nightingale'' is an Acoustic Pop piece about losing oneself amidst the trials and tribulations of life, eventually finding oneself again, growing from the experience, and coming out the other side a stronger person. The song can be split into the 3 stages of this journey namely, the “loss of balance”, “rejuvenation”, and finally “triumph”.

In the “loss of balance” stage, we all face obstacles every day that challenge our values, morals, and identity. What we believe in, who we choose to love, and who we are, are consistently being judged and questioned by society and our environment. Under all these external pressures and influences, it’s easy to lose our way and forget what we truly stand for and the reason for our existence.

Thankfully, like a Nightingale that persistently sings at night, we can find our own voice with enough dedication and peace of mind. The Nightingale sings its own melody in the dark and beckons the sunrise of a new day. Similarly, by focusing on one aspect of our life, we can find our center once again and grow from our negative experiences, and begin a period of “rejuvenation”.

The lyrics in the bridge say “breaking my heart won’t break me, breaking my heart it can’t control me”. Stating that no matter how destitute a situation we are in, our circumstances are only external, and we can always go on. As long as we are still breathing, we will eventually “triumph” over our troubles and come out a stronger person.

No matter what you are going through, you and I are both the Nightingale. As long as you can sit still and listen, you will gain unexpected freedom. The Nightingale symbolizes this spirit.


Music | Arrangement by T-Ma, Jay, Fung, Teresa Tseng

Lyrics by Jay Fung, Teresa Tseng

Mixed by T-Ma



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張蔓姿 Gigi - LOVELOST

真心相愛 最後變成傷害

最痛的 不是來自失戀,而是來自失去。

愛情這課題, 也許不能單靠二人相愛 ,就能化解一切周遭的難題。

有時卻因為種種原因, 時機的錯失、命運的出錯, 令戀愛留有遺憾。

最痛的 不是來自失戀,而是來自失去,對你的愛一直都在,但我們終將離別。

相愛,卻要無奈地分開, 最後只好抱着遺憾離開 獨自承受, 默默地想念和祝福對方。


曲:張蔓姿 / Young Hysan

詞:張蔓姿 / Young Hysan

編:鄧東成EAST CITY / 李一丁




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Manson 張進翹 - One More Game

散聚有時 道別太早

信等得到 能與生命中遺憾錯過的對象

來多一鋪 Could we play One More Game ?


曲:Manson 張進翹

詞:周耀輝 / 英文詞:Manson 張進翹

編:Manson 張進翹, CMgroovy




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