作為香港新一代電音創作者,Zight 熟悉鋼琴、吉他、爵士鼓等樂器,他立志成為像 Kygo、Tobu 等等在國際上有影響力的電音製作人。Zight 的作曲風格偏向歐洲中部的 funky house - 以強勁的貝斯、厚實的敲擊樂,創造出動感的4-4拍音樂。

Forming a unique bond with music from an early age, burgeoning producer Zight is ready to leave his mark on the dance music world. Experiencing difficult and testing times growing up, Zight was diagnosed with Synesthesia. Uniting his emotions with music, he discovered the melodies arising in his head could be the start of something truly special.


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