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Wondergarl 神奇膠

Wondergarl 神奇膠

神奇膠是一個充滿娛樂性的音樂單位, 由一班熱血港青於2007年組成。樂團以"熱血港青愛膠友"為宗旨。歌曲類型風格多變,而歌詞內容則反映了現今活在香港生活的喜怒哀樂,雖然音樂不能直接改變世界,但我們希望透過一些風趣反智的手法指出各種問題的同時,可以令大家反思一下、留意一下身邊發生了什麼的事情,重新定立自我的價值觀繼而一同改變這個世界, 所以我們絕對是一隊本土意識極之強烈的樂團。
除了曾代表香港前往加拿大魁北克的音樂節演出外,神奇膠亦多次參與台灣及澳門音樂節的演出。2018年神奇膠成功完成港台日亞洲巡演並推出第二張專輯《香港熱》 。

WonderGarl is an entertaining musical unit, formed in 2007 by a group of "hot-blooded' teenagers from Hong Kong. Mission of the band is "Making new friends all over the world". The music genre of WonderGarl is quite varied, their lyrics are all about the society and modern life style in Hong Kong
including all kinds of emotions like happiness, anger and sadness. Although music cannot change the world, we would like to bring out different social issues by some interesting approaches so that our
audiences will pay more attention to the society. We hope everyone can think about these issues seriously and rebuild their values and finally we can make the world become more pretty. We can say WonderGarl is a band with very strong local awareness. Not only representing Hong Kong to perform in Canada Quebec City Music Festival, Wondergarl also joined many different Music festivals in Taiwan and Macau. Wondergarl finished their Asia tour in 2018 and released their second album <Hong Kong Hot> successfully.

Band Member:
Vocal: Kelvin(日新)
Bass: 762
Guitar: San
Drum: Joe

Wondergarl 神奇膠


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