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The Earth Sojourners 地球旅人

The Earth Sojourners 地球旅人

The Earth Sojourners is a 5-piece local indie rock band which incorporates elements of alternative rock, funk, dream pop, and garage rock, delivering their lyrics in mostly Cantonese and English, and aims to bring the band’s distinctive sound to a new generation of Hong Kong audiences. Featured songs include Sunset Apocalypse and Tonight Eat What Good.

Formed on 26 February 2021, the band members met coincidentally through online platform Carousell, and bonded through their mutual love for music and enthusiasm to start a band. The finalised lineup of the band consists of Kam Kam on vocals, Jerry on drums, Matthew on bass and Isis and JK on guitar. As a newly formed band, the members decided on the current name The Earth Sojourners 地球旅人 to conflicted feelings towards desperately trying to fit in the unfamiliar planet and scepticism of
humanity, feeling as though they are just temporary residing on Earth.

While the music preferences and influences of each of the members vary greatly, the resulted mix includes influences from psychedelia (My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive) and funk (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sly & The Family Stone, Parliament-Funkadelic), combined with infectious and catchy lyrics, creating a groovy mix which resonates with its audience.

地球旅人是一隊風格穿梭於另類搖滾, 放克, 夢幻流行和藍調搖滾的五人樂隊, 並以廣東話和英語嘅歌詞, 希望能夠將樂隊獨特的聲音帶給新一代嘅香港聽眾。當中作品包括末日仙境同今晚食乜好。

地球旅人成立於2021年2月。樂隊由主唱Kam Kam,鼓手Jerry,低音結他手Matthew,結他手Isis 和JK 組成。所有樂隊成員都通過網上平台 Carousell 偶然相遇,加上佢哋對音樂同組樂隊嘅熱誠而成立。 樂隊名稱The Earth Sojourners 地球旅人源自我哋有時候對地球嘅陌生感, 令我哋懷疑自己其實係咪只係地球嘅過客。即使大家聽開嘅歌, 玩開嘅音樂都唔一樣, 但地球旅人好快就搵到共同的奮鬥目標。而直接又有感染力既作品, 希望可以引起聽眾嘅共嗚。


The Earth Sojourners 地球旅人


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