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Shuffle Stuff

Shuffle Stuff

Shuffle Stuff 為2022年成立的藍調樂隊,風格深受芝加哥藍調影響,以Muddy Waters、B.B. King、Albert King、Freddie King 等一眾藍調傳奇的經典作品,為觀眾呈現富層次感的藍調音樂風貌。

Shuffle Stuff is a blues band formed in 2022. By drawing inspiration from Chicago Blues, the music style features a unique twist on classic blues tunes from legends such as Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Albert King, and Freddie King, resulting in a complex and richly flavoured blues style.

成員包括 Lineup :

Guitar - Kwong
Guitar - Chung
Vocal - Jack
Keyboard - Ray
Saxophone - Kin
Trumpet - Shannon
Drum - Eric
Bass - Hin

Shuffle Stuff


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