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Edges And Corners

Edges And Corners

Edges and Corners 是來自香港的四人樂隊,於2014年夏天成立。成員Carson(主音,結他手)、Para(低音結他手)以及Claire(鼓手)於澳洲工作假期時認識了另一位成員Jerry(結他手),當四人都回來香港後,就開展音樂上的創作路程。樂隊受着後搖滾及數字搖滾的影響,注重音樂上的編排,歌曲內較少唱歌部分,亦有創作純音樂的曲目。

Edges and Corners is a four-piece indie band based in Hong Kong.

It has a focus on post rock and math rock music.

The four are greatly connected in a musical level and chose to have their band’s name as "edges and corners" to represent the atypical rhythmic structures, angular melodies and variations in the structure of their music.

Edges And Corners


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