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AMuiXis (AMX) 成立於2010年, 由一群熱愛音樂的年青人所組成. AMX意思為Acappella Music miX, 成員希望透過無伴奏合唱為歌曲帶來新的詮釋, 與更多人分享音


AMX曾參與不少無伴奏合唱比賽, 最近更於2018香港國際無伴奏合唱比賽中獲得公開組: 人聲樂團 (香港) 冠軍. AMX亦先後製作了《未來見》以及《Officially Missing

You》的MV, 期望能令更多人接觸無伴奏合唱.

AMX同時積極參與不同表演和活動, 包括校園演出以及求婚活動. AMX參與了2016及17年香港國際無伴奏合唱節《國際無伴奏馬拉松音樂會》, 2017年國際阿卡貝拉音

樂藝術節阿卡日. AMX在2019年亦獲邀擔任本地紀錄片《天水圍唱》放映會的表演嘉賓. 2020年, AMX亦有幸參與了RubberBand《健兒》的人聲和音製作.

AMuiXis (AMX), established in 2010, is formed by a group of young and energetic acappella lovers in Hong Kong. AMX refers to A cappella Music miX. The team hopes to

share the fun and joy of singing a cappella in different styles to others.

AMX has entered several a cappella contests. Recently, the team has won the champion under the Open Vocal Band (Hong Kong) division in the 2018 Hong Kong International a

cappella Contest organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. AMX also produced two music videos, “Mei Loi Gin” and “Officially Missing You”, to promote a


AMX is active in participating in various a cappella performances, including school tours andproposal events. AMX participated in the International A Cappella Marathon in 2016 and 2017 and Aca Day by Vocal Asia Festival in 2017. In 2019, the group is invited to perform in the screening of “Wai Sing”, a local documentary about four young a cappella singers. In 2020, AMX is invited by RubberBand to participate in the harmony recording of “Gin Yi”.



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